Summer Camps 

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 Camp is a great way to gather precious memories and build special friendships that will last a lifetime!

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Summer Camp 2018

 Summer Day Camp Fun at Curious Kids’ Museum!

New, exciting programming. More adventures for everyone!

Summer Camp Director: Gina Mason


Summer Camp is a great way to gather precious memories and build special friendships that will last a lifetime!

Please note, fees vary with camps and trips. Full payment is due at registration. Cancellations must be made no later than 7 days prior to camp start date for a refund, minus a $25 registration fee. Cancellation made within 7 days of camp will not be refunded, but will receive a credit.

Save $10 when registering two siblings for the same week. Three siblings save $20 when registering all three for the same week. MEMBERS who sign their child up for 4 or more camps save $40!

We work hard at making all our camps age appropriate. It’s important the camp meets the needs of both you and your child, which will ensure everyone has an exciting learning experience.  Children must be of appropriate age for camps by June 1, 2018. You may be asked to show proof of age.


Child Care

Morning Session 7:30-9:00 AM    Afternoon Session 4:00-5:30 PM
(Afternoon sessions are NOT available for the 4-6 year old camps.)
Costs: $15.00 each session, $30/day or $150 all week/child.
Child care cost includes adult staff, snack and playtime in the museum. Reservations and payments must be made in advance at time of camp sign up. Child drop off and pick-up are through the Museum’s south parking lot door. Please be prompt.


Curiosity Camps

For ages 4-6

Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Fee: $75.00 for Members*  $95.00 for Non-members

Call to pre-register 983-2543

*Memberships are not retroactive

Camp includes hands-on science discoveries, creative art activities, music, games, and private playtime in the Museum, snack and drinks each day. Our camps are designed to teach children how to observe situations and solve problems as they explore the world around them.


Dino-riffic Dinosaurs
June 25 – 28
What happened to the dinosaurs millions of years ago? Did dinosaurs walk the earth at the same time man did?  If you were a scientist, which theory would you choose?  No bones about it….this isa GREAT camp! Campers will get to handle REAL dinosaur bones that are millions of years old! Becoming pre-junior paleontologists using grids, brushes and trowels to carefully work away and remove sand from around fossils will surely be exciting. Campers will compare their foot prints to a T-Rex’s print, erupt a volcano, and build their own dinosaur. Dinoo-riffic camp is a fun filled dino week!


Nemo Time
July 9 – 12
Join us for a hilarious adventure week that takes you into the breathtaking underwater world of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. We will be studying fish like Nemo, Dory, Marlin, Gill and we can’t forget Peach! Campers will play games like…”Tag with Bruce,” “Nemo, Nemo, Dory”, “Gill Says,” and much more! Yummy under the sea treats and shark punch will have the campers laughing at snack time. “Ocean creatures” will be going home with campers each day.  

All Aboard
July 16 – 19
Choo….Choo… Boys and Girls….All Aboard for the CKM Rail Adventure!  Follow the tracks to a fun filled week. Campers will get to play in a “Tank Engine” throughout the week. It’ll be exciting to learn about the different kinds of trains and their functions each day. We’ll be reading a different book each day as the campers make train crafts to take home. We’ll end the week on a sweet note as we create a train cake, and then eat it too! Choo….Choo….All aboard!

 Pirates, Pirates, PIRATES!                                                                         July 23 – 26                                                                                            Pirates have invaded St. Joe! Ahoy mateys, we set sail once again in search of the magic treasure chest! Along the way we’ll need to make telescopes to help us find our way… carefully skirting around other pirates that are after the gold themselves. It’s all fun and games with challenges along the way; walking the plank, hiding from other pirates, searching for secret maps and so much more! We’ll read stories, enjoy tasty snacks and sing our favorite pirate songs. 

 A Garden Party                                                                                           July 30 – Aug 2                                                                                               A garden party for kids is a bright and cheery way to celebrate summer! Campers are going to love a whimsical garden party each day, just like Alice in Wonderland. Campers will play games and do fun crafts each day like Pin the Ladybugs on the Flower, water toss games on the back lawn, go on a butterfly hunt around the museum just to name a few! No doubt about it… our campers will be busy bees all week!

A Curiously Creative Camp!
Aug 6 – 9
Fun…Fun…Fun… everyday! If you love to draw, get messy, create and play ALL day… then this camp is for you! We consider all kids to be artists in their own way, so no previous skills are needed. Exercising the creative side of the brain is a helpful skill that will be used throughout your entire life!  Guest speakers will be local artist and potters sharing stories and ideas. Spatter painting, sand art, bubble art, hand print bouquets are just a few projects the campers will experience during this fun filled week.  


Day Camp Adventures

Ages 7-12

(Fishing Camp ages 8 and up)
Cost $150.00 for Museum members*   $170.00 for Non-members

Call to pre-register 983-2543

*Memberships are not retroactive.


  Mad Science                                                                                              June 25 – 29                                                                                             Have you ever noticed what happens when oil and water come together? Even after you shake them, the two liquids separate themselves into layers. How does that happen? Why does that happen? Slip on a lab coat – let’s get busy with (mad) science! If you were a famous mad scientist, who would you be? Mad scientists aren’t mean – what makes them “mad” is an obsession with science! Campers will discover cool chemical reactions; make their own edible slime, turn flowers different colors, produce a cloud and SO much more! A fun – filled week loaded with science! Campers are to bring a brown bag lunch with drink each day.

 NO CAMPS July 2 – 6

  Wild West                                                                                                    July 9 – 13                                                                                            There’s a snake in my boots! A fun camp for a bunch of desperado’s! Sit around the campfire telling stories, singing songs, eating western grub of franks and beans….a romp through the Old West will leave the campers yelling…Yee-haw!  A big hoe-down at the end of the week complete with line dancing! A fun week for all!

 Fishing Camp                                                                                             July 16 -20                                                                                                 AGES 8 and Up                                                                                         Grab a pole…Let’s GO Fishing! No previous experience required, just an interest in learning and having fun! Campers will learn the basics of fishing, casting, baiting their own hooks, tying flies, cleaning their catch, and what to do when they have the BIG one on the line! Campers will enjoy the great outdoors while learning about fish habitats, marine biology and anatomy (also known as blood and guts)! Fishing trips will be to Lake Michigan, the St. Joseph River, along with pier fishing. This exciting week will conclude with “Fish telling stories” and a fish fry on Friday for the campers. Bring your own fishing pole and gear. (For those who do not own their own poles, extra poles will be available for campers to share).  Campers are to bring a brown bag lunch with drink each day except Friday. Campers need to bring sunscreen and a lightweight jacket each day. Museum will provide lifejackets for campers. ALL campers will wear a lifejacket at ALL times down by the water…NO exceptions! Campers are to bring a brown bag lunch with drink each day (except Friday).

 Culinary Camp                                                                                           July 23 – 27                                                                                             Ages: 7-12                                                                                                 *Bring a sack lunch Monday only.                                                                    A fun, hands-on, exciting cooking camp for those who can’t stay out of the kitchen! All campers will participate in making various aspects of their meals. In addition to general cooking techniques, the campers will be instructed on safe food handling and equipment safety, along with table etiquette. Campers will learn how to read a recipe, prepare and cook delicious, healthy dishes with emphasis on nutrition and food science. All campers will take home a cookbook with copies of the recipes which they create. Campers will have a great time going behind the scenes with local eateries in the St. Joseph area to see how their specialties are created.  Campers will get to invite two special people to join us for lunch on Friday. (Notes will be sent home).

Journey to Space                                                                                       July 30 – Aug 3                                                                                       During this weeklong experience, campers will begin their journey into all things space. How do astronauts sleep in space? Why is Venus so hot? Will people ever go to Mars? How do robots work in space from Earth? All these questions and more will be answered as campers explore space through art, science, and robotic activities. Campers will spend time inside the CKM’s planetarium star gazing. Don’t miss this out-of-this- world camp! Campers are to bring a brown bag lunch with drink each day.

  Fear Factor Challenges                                                                              Aug 6 – 10                                                                                                Team building activities and games develop communication, coordination and team spirit. Our camp will be a week full of stunts and dares! We have created some of the coolest, wackiest things you will ever do! Each day will bring on a new set of adventures…. Frozen Toes, Licey Lucy, Worm Pies, Eating Kitty Litter and Sucking up Frog Eggs name a few of the fun adventures!  Fun play time on the beach each morning. Brown Bag Concert on Wednesday and Live Animal program are just two exciting things campers will do outside of their daily challenges. Campers are to bring a brown bag lunch with drink each day.