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Green Roof

New Green Roof Brings Beauty and Energy Efficiency to Discovery Zone by Curious Kids’ Museum

The first live plant Green Roof in downtown St. Joseph shines brightly on the roof of the Discovery Zone located in the Silver Beach Center below the bluff near Silver Beach. The beautiful and energy-efficient Live Plant Roof is made possible by Sam and Connie Monte of Riverside Michigan and was envisioned by national architect Charles Reay. Sam Monte stated that he and Connie “see the Green Roof as a gift to the greater community because all who visit St. Joseph and walk the bluff will appreciate the beauty of the natural plants on the roof.” The new Green Roof was installed and is maintained by Clifford’s Perennial and Vine Landscaping Company of Paw Paw, a national expert in Green Roof development. “The plants used for this green roof are hardy Sedums in beautiful colors of red, pinks and greens, which each year bloom and look like a beautiful meadow on the roof,” stated Ken Clifford who installed the pattern.

Green Roof Benefits: Public Include

  • Aesthetic Improvement
  • Waste Diversion
  • Storm Water Run-off Management Quantity and Quality
  • Reduction of the Urban Heat Island effect
  • Improved Air Quality
  • New Amenity Spaces
  • Local Job Creation

Green Roof Benefits: Private Include

  • Energy Efficiency and reduction of utility costs
  • Increased membrane durability
  • Fire Retardation
  • Blockage of Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Noise Reduction
  • Marketability

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