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Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone

Discover a whole new world of exciting exhibit fun in the Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone!

Geared for ages 1-10 years, Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone is located just steps away (literally, steps!) from Curious Kids’ Museum, inside the Silver Beach Center at 333 Broad Street, St. Joseph, MI.


NOW OPEN at Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone- “Secret Ingredients: The Inner Workings and Hidden Histories of Your Kitchen” now starring in the Gast Traveling Exhibit Gallery! 

A collaboration with Curious Kids’ Museum and the Whirlpool Foundation! Staying throughout the summer, this exhibit will eventually become a nationwide rental so be sure to see it while it’s here… it could be a while before it returns to us!

This amazing exhibit includes:

  • The largest KitchenAid Stand Mixer you’ve ever seen! It runs on kid-power!
  • A washing machine and a dishwasher that are “powered” by using your feet. Who can make their appliance go the fastest?
  • A giant-sized classic clothes wringer where kids (and adults!) “play” the role of dirty clothes.
  • Three play kitchens to experience the evolution of appliances and food traditions during the 20th century.  Compare the differences (and similarities) from these “blast from the past” kitchens found in homes in 1910, 1959 and 1989. What do you think changed the most throughout the decades?
  • Space to design (and re-design) your dream kitchen until it’s perfect!
  • Electric, gas and water meters for you to find which appliances run the most efficiently in your home.  How low can you go?
  • A space for you to draw and showcase your own appliance invention idea and also check out what others would like to invent. One of these ideas may one day find its way into your home! You’ll also find an information kiosk highlighting many appliances that changed our daily lives forever – including local inventor, Lou Upton who invented the electric wringer clothes washer!

But that’s not all we offer in the Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone! A train table, mazes and golf ball tracks await you in addition to:


Lighthouse Climbing Tower: Exhibit at the Curious Kids' Museum & Discovery Zone

Be the Lighthouse Keeper and climb the wave steps to the top of this 25 foot high Tower. Imagine you are saving ships on Lake Michigan from crashing ashore during storms. Gaze out the ship’s window to Lake Michigan… Look down on all the water exhibits and visitors. Children age 4 must climb with an adult. Shoes must be worn at all times. Challenge yourself and climb to the roof!


Lake Michigan Water Table: Exhibit at the Curious Kids' Museum & Discovery Zone

Just like the real great lake outside the door; sail your handmade boat through the lake currents; use the wind jets to sail; raise & lower the water levels with locks and dams; navigate through a storm by the water mushroom and wonder about the Chicora mural-the shipwreck that has never been found. 10 hands-on activities.

Water Power Tower: Exhibit at the Curious Kids' Museum & Discovery Zone

Try out the Water Power in 15 fun activities. Hand pump water to fill the great tower like children in rural villages around the world; wonder about the water tornado; build-a-pipe to channel water like engineers; power your squirt gun at the targets; play with water conservation in your home; turn the great Archimedes Screw to power your boats; and much more.

Toddle Beach

New in 2021! A brand new (gated) space for ages 4 and under!

Toddle Beach brings back the nostalgia of long ago beach towns to Discovery Zone- just for toddlers!

Little ones will experience all the thrills of the Fun House, become the film in the movie house as they create shapes behind the backlight window of the Movie House, steer the boat onto shore and much more!

Recollections: Art exhibit at the Curious Kids' Museum & Discovery Zone

Wall size giant art/science dance movement exhibit. Dance, wave, just move any way you wish and watch the bright colorful patterns mimic your motions. Engages all ages, you won’t leave it!

Pin Wall: Kids exhibit at the Curious Kids' Museum & Discovery Zone

Hours of creative fun happen with this giant pin wall. Kids and adults make use of hands to create an unlimited amount of different scenes with over 60,000 red plastic pins and much laughter.

Whisper Dish: Science Exhibit at the Curious Kids' Museum & Discovery Zone

Can you whisper across 60 feet into your friend’s ear? Go into the Outdoor Science Gallery under the Green Roof and use Sound Waves to hear whispers clearly across the entire gallery. Partners and exhibit builders of Whisper Dishes—Renaissance Kids and Exquisite Homes, Inc.

Our Outdoor Science Gallery also includes other changeable exhibits such as sand tables, sidewalk chalk, giant connect 4 and more! Our porch is dependent upon fair and dry weather and is closed during the winter months.


Contact Lori Marciniak, Executive Director, 269-983-2543 for more details!

You might think a Da Vinci exhibit would be all about history, and it does incorporate plenty of biography. But the focus is on “STEAM” subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Kids can spin clock gears, catapult blocks at a castle, construct their own bridge, and dress up in Renaissance attire.
Dream with Da Vinci a busy, bustling exhibit full of motion. When you walk in, you’ll see parachutes sailing out of the wind tunnel and kids trying out a clever “flying machine” contraption.
It’s also a homage to the world of dreams and ideas. There’s a station where kids can try mirrored handwriting and learn about Da Vinci’s famously coded notebooks, as well as a wall where they can post their own dreams.

Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone also has the first Green Roof in the area! Learn More.

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Hands-on Science programs all summer and Saturday’s all year. Learn More.


Bring your class to the Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone by Curious Kids’ Museum for both an educational and fun field trip! Click here to learn more!


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